Poly Tubing

About poly tubing

Direct the water where it is needed

Use to bring water to where you want to start your irrigation runs. Poly tubing serves as the main water supply and is used with the 1⁄2" fittings below. To connect Mr. Soaker Hose to poly, use barbed Mr. Soaker Hose fittings. To connect T-Tape to poly, use Loc-Sleeve fittings. Not all 1⁄2" poly tubing is the same! Ours is 0.60 I.D./0.70 O.D.

Versatile, Efficient

Used to branch off of 1⁄2" poly tubing to serve as a supply line to individual plants. Avoid using 1⁄4" and 1⁄8" poly tubing to feed several emitters along the same line of tubing, as water flow at the end of each emitter will be reduced below stated output; flows to each emitter when separately branching off 1⁄2" poly are more consistent.

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