Isomate-C Plus Codling Moth Confusion Lures (Pack of 400) - PIT690

Isomate-C Plus Codling Moth Confusion Lures (Pack of 400)
Codling moth—How to keep the worms away organically

Codling moth—How to keep the worms away organically

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Take Care of Codling Moth Infestations

Used with Codling Moth traps. ISOMATE-C+ has a long history of success from Australia, Argentina, Chile, South Africa, Italy, and Canada to Michigan, Arizona, California, Colorado, Oregon and Washington. ISOMATE-C+, when used according to technical instructions provides outstanding control of codling moth with reduced or no insecticide use.

Apply dispensers before the first codling moth flight (biofix) in early spring. Place dispensers in the top 1-2 feet of tree canopy using pole applicator. Use 400 dispensers per acre. Apply dispensers uniformly throughout the entire orchard. Treat entire blocks, not just sections or borders. Larger areas are better. Monitor for all pests and use supplemental controls if needed.

ISOMATE-C+ controls codling moth and protects fruit from infestation in well managed orchards with low resident codling moth populations. ISOMATE-C+ when used over a number of years, can successfully reduce codling moth population densities to very low levels. This results in decreased costs for codling moth control. ISOMATE-C+ can be used successfully in combination with insecticides to control high populations of codling moth.

ISOMATE-C+ is not toxic to bees or beneficial insects and mites. Therefore its use creates orchard conditions favorable to the build-up of natural enemies and biological control of secondary pests such as pear psylla, mites, leafminers, aphids and leafrollers. ISOMATE-C+ has very low mammalian toxicity and therefore does not require a worker re-entry period, which gives growers the freedom to schedule thinning, summer pruning, tree training, and irrigation more effectively and efficiently.

ISOMATE-C+ meets National Organic Program standards for use in organic production. It is not affected by rainfall, overhead irrigation, and over-tree cooling. Application lasts 120 days or more in California or 150 days or more in Washington.

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