Isomate-CTT Confusion Lures (400 Lures) - PIT691

Isomate-CTT Confusion Lures (400 Lures)
Codling moth—How to keep the worms away organically

Codling moth—How to keep the worms away organically

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Take Care of Codling Moths

For Codling Moth Isomate CTT dispensers are similar to Isomate C in performance, general appearance & packaging. However, with Isomate CTT, each dispenser consists of 2 parallel tubes filled with pheromone and joined & sealed at the ends. The gap in the middle allows the Isomate CTT dispenser to form a loop that can easily & quickly be placed over the end of tree limbs or fruiting spurs.

  • They are faster & more economical to apply than the traditional Isomate C+ dispensers & are applied at half the number per acre.
  • Contain 5% more pheromone & last 20 days longer.
  • Use 200 of these dual-lures per acre every 140 days (every 110 days in hot weather).

Apply within one week of 90% petal fall. CA, AZ & NM growers may need 2 applications due to the length of their season. This is especially critical for late-maturing apples. Throughout the season, it is essential to monitor codling moth flights with the Supercharged Codling Moth Lures (replace every 4 weeks). See also Codling Moth Trap Kits.

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