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Making Sauerkraut and Pickled Vegetables at Home - BF361

Making Sauerkraut and Pickled Vegetables at Home
How to Make Sauerkraut

How to Make Sauerkraut

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Creative Recipes for Lactic-fermented Food to Improve Your Health

By Klaus Kaufmann, DSc and Annelies Schöneck

Homemade sauerkraut, pickles, and other lactic-acid-fermented foods are superior to their store-bought equivalents, both in flavor and healing properties. Step-by-step recipes and full-color photos guide the modern reader through centuries-old methods.

  • All about sauerkraut
  • What you need to get started
  • Science of successful lactic acid fermentation
  • Sauerkraut recipes, no-salt and low-salt recipes are included

Softcover. 64 pages. Alive Books 2002.

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