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Marblewhite 325 - Solution Grade Mined Limestone (50 Lb) - F1570

Marblewhite 325 - Solution Grade Mined Limestone (50 Lb)
Plant Nutrition

Plant Nutrition

Growing Goji Berries

Growing Goji Berries

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Fast-Acting Calcium Source

Excellent source of fast-acting calcium and carbon for use in irrigation systems (flood, sprinkler or drip) and for foliar feeding. This limestone is screened to an ultra-fine 325 mesh for easy mixing with water and quick uptake by plants and microbes.

  • 96% Calcium Carbonate
  • Use at 10-100 lb/acre in irrigation water or 1-10 lb/100 gal as a foliar, with multiple applications of up to 10 per season
  • Solution grade limestone is also useful for cleaning algaes from water lines and emitters
  • Can also be broadcast and watered in

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