Maxicrop Kelp Extract (Lb) - F1360

Maxicrop Kelp Extract (Lb) Maxicrop Kelp Extract (Lb)
Plant Nutrition

Plant Nutrition

How to Start a Garden

How to Start a Garden

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Water Soluble Kelp Extract

World-famous as a root soak and a foliar-applied plant stimulant. Extracted from fresh Norwegian Ascophyllum kelp, using a process that concentrates all the goodness of the sea into a small amount of material.

1 lb of Maxicrop is created from over 200 lb of seaweed and contains more than 70 different growth hormones, cytokinins, auxins, vitamins, and enzymes. Maxicrop is sought after primarily for its trace elements but also has an analysis of 0% N, 0% P, 17% K.

  • Often combined with fish products or other high-analysis foliars to create a cost-effective yield and quality-enhancer.
  • Use the dry powder at 1 tsp/gal (shake to dissolve) or 1-2 lb/acre.
  • Inject at 1-5 lb/acre.
  • Important Information for Certified Organic Growers

    This product should be suitable for use in organic agriculture as it has been deemed to be compliant with the USDA National Organic Program. However, as the status of any product can change at anytime, please always confirm that this product is allowed by your certifying agency.

Customer Reviews

Fantastic results!

Have used this brand for over 25 years, imparts frost tolerance to delicate plants my lettuces froze 32 times down to 22 degrees F, and thawed out 32 times- not a scratch!

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Very pleased

My experience with Maxicrop has been positive. I use it during propagation as well as crop production. Somebody gave me a weak little fig cutting with few roots. After one Maxicrop soaking, the root ball expanded so it doesn't give when I pull on the cutting, and new leaves are budding out. I use Maxicrop in my hose-end sprayer on vegies and landscaping. Plants are healthier as a result. I like having the dry powder around. Maxicrop keeps better when dry, and I can make only the solution I need. (Keep sealed in air-tight container, or it will absorb humidity and turn into a chunk!)

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You can't go wrong with kelp!! I used this when planting seedlings and they did incredible.

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great for transplanting

I use this product whenever I transplant anything and helps with the shock. It works wonders on seedlings helping them to become strong and sturdy.

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I really liked this kelp product. The powdered form is much easier for me to store than the liquid. Roses love this stuff, so do the fruit trees... actually everything loves this stuff. I mix up a batch and just go on a spray-a-thon around the garden. It's gentle and was wonderful for my seedlings to my fruit trees.

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Magnificent clone food for the first days of soil

For many years I have been totally amazed at what this fine product brings to the enrichment of the garden.Back in the day we'd have to pilgrimidge to Redway or Whitethorne to find somebody that knew somebody that was splitting-up a 50 pound bag!Thier products are all good,but, i prefer the dry granules stored in a glass jar...

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This is good kelp extract

I use this and neptune harvest hydrolysed fish and the nute profile is right about 3-4-5. That and some good mycorrizhae and bacteria and EVERYTHING grows Great. And you feel good using it

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