Melnor 2 Zone Water Timer - WOT406

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Automatically water two areas of your lawn or garden with the 2-Zone Melnor AquaTimer. Just enter how often and how long you wish to water. The Melnor Water Timer can automatically water your plants up to six times per day. This timer is quick and easy to program with the large LCD screen; each zone can be programmed separately. The entire program you enter is visible at a glance. You can set how often you water in hours or days. Duration can be set for up to 240 minutes.. You can also set it to water manually from 1 to 240 minutes. It has a rain delay feature that allows you to delay watering from 1 to 3 days before the timer returns to the program you entered. Programming is retained through battery changes.

- Automatically water up to 6 times per day
- Water 2 areas from 1 faucet
- Easy to program
- Large LCD screen
- Entire program visible at a glance
- Metal coupling nut with rubberized grip
- Retains programming through battery change
- Manual Rain delay
- 7 year warranty

*Requires two AA batteries (not included)


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