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Milky Spore Disease (10 Oz) - PBI700

Milky Spore Disease (10 Oz)
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Environmentally Safe Japanese Beetle Control

For Japanese Beetles, Milky Spore Disease attacks and kills Japanese Beetle grubs in the soil, requiring only an application every 10-15 years. Spores of Bacillus popilliae multiply inside the grubs and when the grub infestation subsides, the spores lie dormant in the soil, waiting for subsequent populations.

  • Milky Spore Disease takes 2 to 3 years to achieve complete control and should be supplemented during this time with Japanese Beetle traps, which trap out adult beetles or parasitic nematodes.
  • Best control occurs on non-tilled soil.
  • Apply it at 10 oz/2,500 sq ft or 40 oz/8-10,000 sq ft.
  • Harmless to humans, pets, birds, fish and beneficial insects. Can be used in vegetable gardens and will not affect ponds, wells, or streams.

Important Information for Certified Organic Growers

We do our best to update our product's organic status, however the status of any product can change at anytime without notice from the manufacturer. Please confirm that the product is allowed by your certifying agency and that it's still OMRI Listed® at

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