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Mosquito Barrier (32 Oz) - PBI230

Organic Mosquito Control

Organic Mosquito Control

Organic Mosquito Control & Fly Traps

Organic Mosquito Control & Fly Traps

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Enjoy being out in your mosquito-free lawn area or garden with the help of this very strong liquid garlic repellent.

The garlic smell dissipates within minutes while the natural sulfur in garlic continues to repel mosquitoes, ticks, gnats and fleas.

Safe around children & pets.

Kills adult mosquitoes on contact and suffocates larvae in standing water within 24 hours.

Using a heavy mist, spray all grass, ornamentals, flowers, vegetable plants (does not make food plants taste garlicky), up into lower tree limbs, under porches, standing water and along pond & creek banks. Cover all foliage completely including underside of leaves.

Per gallon water mix 2-4 oz Mosquito Barrier, 3 Tbs canola or other natural oil, and 1 Tbs insecticidal soap (if hard water).

The average home will use 2 qts-1 gal in 4 applications (spray every 3 weeks) per mosquito season.

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