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Mycostop Biofungicide (5 Gram Pack) - PFM1302

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Seed, Soil & Foliar Treatment

Contains live strains of soil bacteria (Streptomyces griseoviridis) that colonize plant roots to provide preventative biological protection against fusarium, alternaria, phomopsis, botrytis, phytophthora and pythium. Labeled for use on vegetables, herbs, and ornamentals. Since this is a preventative treatment, it must be used at the time of seeding or transplanting. For seed inoculating, use 2-8 gram/kg of seed; for a soil spray or foliar treatment, use 5 grams per 13 gallons of water, to treat about 250-500 sq ft). Detailed application rates available on request. Do not mix with pesticides or fertilizer solutions.

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