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Nemaglobe Grub Buster

Stop Grub Damage in Lawns and Gardens

Item Number: PBI030


Backordered. Available: 03/18/2016

Want to be notified when this item becomes available?


Backordered. Available: 03/18/2016

Want to be notified when this item becomes available?


These only ship on Mondays. They ship FedEx 2 Day May-Oct.

These only ship on Mondays. They ship FedEx 2 Day May-Oct.
Please note: There are no returns on this live product.

Comes in a unique 3” globe-shaped container of biodegradable plant materials containing 25 million nematodes and an instruction sheet. These nematodes can be stored under refrigeration for 4-5 months.

In general, treat when larvae are present and actively feeding, in mid-April until mid-June and again in mid-August through October (this can vary slightly by geographical location). Best to apply when soil temperatures are between 50° and 86° F.

Can be applied with some brands of hose end sprayers. It is best and easiest to apply with the special Nemaglobe Nematode sprayer, which contains no filter to block the nematodes, is pre-calibrated, and is specially adapted for use with Nemaglobe nematodes. There is no guarantee that other brands of hose end sprayers will evenly disperse the nematodes.

  • Nematodes stop grub damage in lawns and gardens
  • Contains Steinernema glaseri, the nematode most effective against mature spring grubs
  • Covers 3,000 sq ft.
  • Treats white grubs (June Beetles, European Chafer, Japanese Beetles), sod webworm, cutworms, Rose Chafer and Masked Chafer
  • Can be stored under refrigeration for 4-5 months (if not opened)
These are shipped in an insulated box with 2 cold packs to enhance viability. Must ship FexEx 2-Day between May-October.

These are shipped with cold packs in warm months. Do not be alarmed when the cold packs arrive warm or melted, as this will not affect the viability of the product. However, these creatures may die if left in direct sunlight or in a rural mailbox on a hot afternoon, or in cold weather. We only guarantee viability if someone accepts and inspects the insects immediately upon delivery. You must contact us immediately upon delivery if you suspect a viability problem.

Because of this, often the best address to use is a work address. If FedEx is instructed to leave the package in a cool, safe place and it’s for a short period of time, viability should not be compromised, but cannot be guaranteed. If no one is available and no instructions have been left, delivery may be re-attempted the next business day. However, viability may be compromised and will not be guaranteed.


Insect Control Grubs
Insect Control Grubs

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Shipping Information

These only ship on Mondays. Shipped via FedEx 2-Day during the hot months of May - October. Cannot ship via SmartPost.

Shipping Weight: 3.00 lbs. Dimensions: 8.5"L x 7.5"W x 7"H


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