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New Zealand White Clover - Raw Seed (Lb) - SCL326

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Trifolium repens var.Perennial legume cover crop.

Our best-selling white clover, often planted in lawns, irrigated orchards and vineyards, or pathways. Similar in habit to Dutch White, but more vigorous, slightly taller (to 8) and more heat-tolerant. Fixes Nitrogen (up to 165 lb per acre) and attracts beneficial insects. Does well on acid to moderately alkaline soils. Will spread and thicken when infrequently mowed. Prefers moist, well-drained soil with plenty of lime, phosphate and potash, and is adversely affected by synthetic Nitrogen. Plant 0.25-0.5 deep at 0.5-1 lb/1000 sq ft or 12-18 lb/acre in fall or spring. Raw seed, requires Alfalfa-Clover inoculant.

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