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Organic Triticale Seed (Lb) - SCN449

scn449-b.jpg Organic Triticale Seed (Lb) Organic Triticale Seed (Lb) Organic Triticale Seed (Lb) Organic Triticale Seed (Lb) Organic Triticale Seed (Lb)
Green Manure

Green Manure

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Triticum X Secale Certified Organic. Cool season cover crop. Exciting cereal grain variety offers many benefits, especially in orchards and vineyards. Creates a tremendous amount of organic matter due to its massive root system and its enormous amount of top growth. Low growing (6"-12) until late spring to early summer, when it can reach 5.Yields more organic matter than even Merced Rye or Barley. Because of its aggressive root system, Trios promotes water penetration and erosion control during the rainy season. Mow it in spring to a height of 3 and it will continue to regrow. Use this crop to take up excess nitrogen. Seed at 60-80 lb/acre or 2-4 lb/1000 sq ft. (No inoculant required)

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