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Organic Vetch Woolypod - Raw Seed (Lb) - SCL622

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Vicia dasycarpa Cool season legume cover crop.

Earliest maturing vetch. Fixes up to 275 lb/acre of Nitrogen and grows to 36 inches in dense stands. Cold-hardy (to 10°F) and tolerates infrequent mowing for frost management. Puts on most of its growth as the soil warms in spring, fully maturing in mid May. Needs at least 10 inches annual rainfall and is suited to all soils below 3,000'. Plant at 1-3 lb/1000 sq ft or 30-50 lb/acre. Raw seed, requires Pea-Vetch or Garden Combination inoculant

Customer Reviews

Wonderful for the soil and bees

Used it last year and will gladly use it again. Mixed it with double cut red clover around a freshly planted ultra dwarf cherry tree. The tree is now taller than any other tree in our front yard (all planted around the same time): semi dwarf apple, lemon, orange, avocado and a full size fig. It is about 10 - 12 feet tall now! Vetch attracted so many bees, it was a pleasure to look at and the soil, from barren land supported squashes and corn. Some friends said it was the best corn they ever tasted... The mix of purple and red flowers was also a pleasure to look at. Getting it again!

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