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Organic Poultry Chicken Starter Crumbles 40 lb - AD198

Organic Chick Starter Crumble
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Get your chicks off to a healthy start with Non-GMO Certified Organic Chick Starter Crumble

This crumble is finely milled and contains:

  • Certified organic and non-GMO corn, soybean and wheat
  • Organic oregano 
  • Diatomaceous earth
  • 20% Protein 3.0% Fat 5.5% Fiber

Typically this should be fed to chicks up to at least 6 weeks of age, before they are ready for the Hi-Energy Layer feed shown below. This Organic Chicken Starter Crumble has the premium nutrients to get your chicks prepped for a healthy life.

Because this feed is organic, very occasionally, especially in the summer, there may be harmless insects harvested with the grain. The chickens will love this, buy you may be surprised. This will not affect the feed.

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