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Organic Gardening Educational Series

Here at Peaceful Valley, we're all about empowering people to grow organic for life. To achieve this mission, we're putting together our resources to create several series of educational e-mails on special topics. You'll get step-by-step instructions on various organic gardening subjects, sent when you need them, straight to your inbox along with your usual weekly newsletter.

Need a few extra tips to get your tomato starts to really take off? Never can remember the right times to spray and prune your fruit trees? We're here for you every step of the way!

Our Current Offerings:

  •  Planting and Growing Organic Tomatoes (Sends March - July, approx. 5 emails): This e-mail series takes the reader through the entire process of growing organic tomatoes - from planting seeds, to transplanting, to maintaining mature tomato plants.

  •  Fruit Tree Care and Maintenance (Sends from November - Feburary, approx. 4 emails): This e-mail series is sent when yearly fruit tree maintenance should be performed and details step-by-step instructions on how and when established fruit trees should be pruned and sprayed.

  •  Homesteading Skills (Sends year round starting 2014!): This e-mail series will cover a broad range of homesteading topics such as canning, pressure canning, pickling, fermenting, curing, dehydrating and animal care.

  •  Permaculture Gardening (Sends year round starting 2014!): This e-mail series may include a broad range of permaculture topics such as garden planning, companion planting, crop rotation, lasagna gardening, aquaponics, how to build herb spirals, designing food forests, swales, keyhole beds and microclimates.

  •  Perennials (Details TBA): This e-mail series teaches you all about how to grow and care for a wide variety of perennials. Would you love to plant once and harvest for years to come? Learn to cultivate horseradish, artichoke, asparagus, rhubarb, jerusalem artichoke, hops and goji berries!

  •  Small Space Gardening (Details TBA): This e-mail series investigates methods for making the most of your small space. Ideal for urban gardeners and apartment dwellers!

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