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A picking bag full of gifts for the fruit tree orchardist

Dec 10, 2012 -
  A picking bag full of gifts for the fruit tree orchardist

Top-of-the-line orchard tools, books, and organic sprays spill out of our Professional Picking Bag.

An experienced orchardist will appreciate the high quality of all these tools and sprays. The books are classics by nationally recognized fruit tree authorities—welcome gifts for both the longtime and the brand-new fruit tree grower.

Best of all: the Fruit Picker Head that cuts fruit stems way up the tree, with an attached, soft bag so no peach is bruised.

Personalize a Gift Basket for your favorite orchardist:

Basket: Professional Picking Bag (colors vary)  $39.99

Clip N Pick Fruit Picker Head  $29.99

Felco Pruner No. 6  $59.99

Felco Clip-On Sheath  $10.99

Liquicop Concentrate (Pint)  $9.99

Horticultural Oil (Quart)  $14.99

Folding Saw - Silky 210 Gomboy  $49.99

Books: The Home Orchard  $24.99,  The Fruit Gardener’s Bible  $24.99

Add 10 Fruit Trees, delivered for $199—with a Peaceful Valley Gift Card for that amount! 

Check out more gardener gift ideas, sorted for you by price, from under $5 on up in our Garden GIfts. We also have a Perfect for Kids area there, with lots of ideas for adventures in the dirt.

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