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Cool Season Gardening gift basket

Dec 19, 2012 -
  Cool Season Gardening gift basket

Introduce a tomato gardener to the joys of cool-season growing. The pouch of our Roo gardening apron has seeds for garlic, shallots, potatoes, and vegetables—and a how-to book from the man who gardens in Maine winters (Eliot Coleman knows what he’s talking about).

Personalize a Gift Basket for a cool-season gardener:

Roo Gardening Apron (also in green or purple) $29.99

3 gallon Smart Pot with handles $4.99

Organic Potatoes: Red, Yellow & Blue mix $2.99/lb

Gift Seed Tins: Frost Kissed Collection for cool seasons $24.99, Grandma’s Root Cellar $24.99

1 quart Peaceful Valley Farm & Garden Supply Liquid Kelp $9.99

Atlas Xtra Gloves S-XL $5.99

Books: Growing Great Garlic $16.99, Winter Harvest Handbook $29.99

Garlic at SALE prices: California Late White garlic $2.50/lb, Organic Purple Italian garlic $7.00/lb, Organic Russian Red garlic $8.00/lb (Elephant Garlic is sold out for the season)

Shallots: Organic French Red Shallots $2.50/lb

Check out more gardener gift ideas, sorted for you by price, from under $5 on up in our Garden Gifts. We also have a special Perfect for Kids area there, with lots of wholesome ideas to get kids dirty and happy.

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