How to Harvest Your Own Saffron

By on September 28, 2012

Why not grow your own saffron? It's the most expensive spice of all.

Grow the Saffron Crocus (Crocus sativa) in a sunny spot in your garden—and harvest your own saffron in the fall!

The saffron will be at its best if you harvest it the first day the flowers open.

*  Check your crocuses every morning, and when they open, take a bowl and a pair of garden snips, and cut each bloom at its base, dropping the flowers in the bowl.

*  In your kitchen, set out a dinner plate. Pull the stigmas out of the blooms (with your fingers or using tweezers) and lay them on the plate.

*  You don’t want the stigmas to blow away, so cover them immediately with a paper towel.

*  Dry the stigmas in a dehydrator on low, or between two window screens.

*  Store the dry stigmas in a small jar.

Keep an eye on the other Saffron Crocuses as they open, and capture the rest of the saffron stigmas.

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