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Health, Justice and Sustainability News - Organic Bytes #174

May 21, 2009 -

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In This Issue

  • Alert of the Week: Healthy, Local & Organic School Food Now
  • Alert Update of the Week: Former Monsanto Lawyer Michael Taylor & the White House Food Safety Working Group
  • Quote and Consumer Tip of the Week: New Survey Finds a Number of ‘Organic’ Soy Food Brands Importing Beans from China
  • Sustainability Tip of the Week: When Local Goes Industrial
  • Web Video of the Week: Food Inc.
  • Health Tip of the Week: Fructose Truly is Worse Than Glucose
  • Labor Unions in America: Pro or Con?
  • Headlines and Articles of the Week

Headlines and Articles of the Week

1) Victory of the Week: EPA Has Revoked Approval of Two Moth Pesticides Used for Aerial Spraying in California
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has revoked approval of two moth pesticides pulled from aerial spraying over a dozen California counties last year when residents argued in a Santa Cruz court that the government failed to adequately assess health and environmental risks…”
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2) Appetite for a Change News of the Week: The Truth Behind WIC—Organic is NOT an Option
“In February 2009, Washington State decided to remove organic milk from its list of ‘approved foods’ reimbursable by the Women, Infant and Children Program WIC. Though this decision led to serious backlash from organic consumers and supporters nationwide, what may be a little known fact to many is that slashing organic produce from WIC approved food lists for ‘reasons related to cost’ is currently being practiced in almost every single state.”
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3) Community Solution of the Week: Smart Jitney Transportation in the Coming Era of Peak Oil & Fuel Scarcity
“The Smart Jitney is a system of efficient and convenient ride sharing that addresses the problem of transportation in a post-peak oil world. The system utilizes the existing infrastructure of private automobiles and roads. The goal of the system is to insure that each private car always carries more than one person per car trip, optimally 4-6. This would cut auto gasoline usage by an estimated 80 percent and commute time by an average of 50 percent within two years…”
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4) Organic Transitions News of the Week: ‘Farm in a Barrel’: Raise Fish and Grow Your Own Organic Vegetables
A Georgia company is selling ‘Farm in a Barrel.’ It’s a self-contained eco-system that allows homeowners to raise organic fish and vegetables at the same time. The method, called aquaponics, combines aquaculture fish farming and hydroponics growing plants in a soil-less system. The fish produce the nutrients to feed the plants, while the plants and bacteria clean the water for the fish…”
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5) Website of the Week: Challenging Corporate Abuse of Our Food
“Corporate abuse of our food begins with the seeds and in the soil that nurtures all life. The fast food industry demands enormous quantities of cheap, low-nutrition and uniform crops, encouraging the widespread use of toxic pesticides, industrial fertilizers and genetically modified seeds. These practices deplete our environment and threaten both our health and the livelihoods of family farmers.”
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