How to Choose the Right Felco Pruner For You

By on July 30, 2013

Use this chart to compare Felcos and make your selection.

Felco pruners are some of the finest garden tools made today. Manufactured in Switzerland, Felcos are known for their precision cutting blades and durability.

We carry the Felco sharpener and lubricant spray, to help you maintain your pruners in sharp shape. Should you need a replacement part at some point we have those too—one of the attractions of Felcos is that you can easily swap in a new part.

Which makes it all the more important to choose the right Felco pruner for your hand and your pruning needs. We created this chart so you can compare different Felco models. How large is your hand? How big are the branches you’re usually cutting? Would you use loppers not pruners for the larger branches?

Your Felcos will be your primary garden companion, so consider whether you want to carry them in a clip-on sheath or a holster that can clip or slide on a belt.

For more information, read the customer reviews about each pruner. If you have questions about Felcos please phone our Call Center at 1-888-784-1722 or contact us on Facebook.

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