How to Make Flavored Goat Cheese

By on October 25, 2012

Tricia makes chevre (goat cheese) logs and rolls them in herbs or spices. Learn how!

Add mixtures of herbs and spices to your homemade goat cheese, and create signature flavored goat cheeses for each season.

In our video on making goat cheese Tricia starts off by milking the goats and finishes by rolling goat cheese logs in two different blends of herbs and spices, for richly flavored cheeses.

Tricia uses our Fresh Goat Cheese Kit. For details on how to make goat cheese, watch our video and read our article, Easy steps to homemade goat cheese.

How to add flavors to goat cheese

Once you have made your chevre (goat cheese) you can:

Mix herbs or spices, check out the Herbs de Provence recipe

Stir the seasoning mixture into the cheese or

Roll logs of cheese in the seasoning mixture to form a flavored and decorative crust

Store, covered, in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks

Recipes for flavorings for goat cheese

In our video Tricia snips herbs from her organic garden to use in the

Fresh Herbs mixture
Dried Meyer lemon peel

Tricia stirs together dark spices for her

Moroccan Spice mixture
Black pepper
Ground coriander

Garnish with edible flowers. Tricia is using cool-season violas. Warm-season edible flowers from your garden could be nasturtiums or borage.

More stir-in mixtures to flavor goat cheese

Summer mixture from Central Coast Foodie
Mashed figs

Fall mixture from Homesteading Today
Walnuts or almonds, toasted and chopped fine
Dried cranberries, chopped fine
Sweeten with honey or orange zest

cheese makingFor more information about homemade cheeses we have a collection of books for you:
Home Cheesemaking by the famed Ricki Carroll has instructions for making cheese, and recipes for cooking with cheese.
*  A short intro to the world of dairy is the booklet Making Cheese, Butter & Yogurt (again by Ricki Carroll).
* A great step-by-step instructional book is One-Hour Cheese.
We hope you’ll try homemade goat cheese soon, and we’d be interested to hear about your combinations of flavorings.

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