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DIY Succulent Container Garden

By on November 22, 2011

We’re making succulent container gardens, and you can too!

Succulents have cast their spell over us! As soon as they showed up in our nursery greenhouse we on the staff started taking our breaks at the succulent tables. First we were excited by the rainbow of colors of these unusual plants that store water.

succulent rainbow

Then we focused on one plant at a time, marveling at the leaf forms.

echeverria violet queen

Then we went on a buying frenzy and at the end of the work day employees were seen carrying boxes of succulents out to their cars. We took them home and made succulent container gardens. Lithops “living rocks” are a fun container plant.

Create your own succulent container garden at our new “succulent bar”. Bring your own container or choose one of ours, buy succulents here, and make your garden on the spot with free succulent potting mix, and free “top dressings” of colored gravels.

Not nearby? Order succulent plants in 2” sizes and we’ll ship them to you.

In addition to plants, pick up some bamboo pots to spark your creativity. It’s easy to make a low-water, container garden that is uniquely yours.

We’re proud to carry the ultimate book on the subject, Succulent Container Gardens, by “the Queen of Succulents”, Debra Lee Baldwin. In our new video Tricia makes a succulent container garden—an indoor container of tender plants for gardeners in any climate. In warm weather take those succulents outside and put them in filtered sun.


You can also make a container garden of hardy succulents, and you can use that indoors or outdoors in the winter.

If you keep your hardy succulent containers outdoors in the winter, put them under the eaves where they’ll be protected from soaking rains or snow. Easy to work with, hardy succulents like sedums and sempervivums (hens and chicks) can handle the weather.

We have hardy sempervivums to ship to you.

Ready to be inspired? Try the new book we carry, Hardy Succulents, with stunning photos by Saxon Holt and solid information from Gwen Moore Kelaidis. You’ll learn how to use them both as container and landscape plants.

It’s an excellent gift too, for friends in cold climates.

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Hi, Sweet Charlotte, I (We?) couldn’t be more pleased to be dubbed the Queen of Succulents by Peaceful Valley. Tricia’s video is terrific, too. Many thanks!

Posted by Debra Lee Baldwin on Dec. 07, 2011 at 6:12:41 PM

Debra, We are delighted to have your authoritative and inspiring book here!

Posted by on Jan. 23, 2012 at 12:32:13 PM

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