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Q: Potting Fruit Trees

By on May 26, 2009

A question from a PVFS customer - including an answer from our staff.


Hello, I have received my fruit trees from you. The two that I have are a pear and pluot. I would like to grow them in a pot, but don’t know what planting soil to purchase as so many say “not for pots.” I don’t have any soil to be able to dig-up and add to it so would very much appreciate your help on what to buy.

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Below are what seem to be good links for information on growing fruit trees in containers.  Seems to me that potting soil is fine, except you could put gravel at the bottom of the container.  The links also mention making your own mix of peat moss, bark and perlite.  I’d say compost would also be a good additive.

Hope that helps!

A Similar Question from another PVFS Customer - with employee answer.



I am wondering if your semi-dwarf fruit trees can be grown in a container?  My soil is basically a clay bed.

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Yes, semi-dwarf fruit trees can be grown in large containers, for a while. A healthy root system in the ground will usually be larger than the crown of the tree so you can see they wouldn’t be happy for too many years in a container. You can test your clay soil to see if it takes longer than a few hours to drain. I always amend mine with 1/3 compost and have also built a large mound for things that like better drainage.

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Building a raised bed for your tree is also an option. Check out the fantastic book, The Home Orchard for solutions and instructions to overcome poor drainage.

Posted by on Nov. 28, 2011 at 8:33:04 AM


Could you comment on whether it is safe to eat fruit grown from dwarf trees that are grown in PVC or plastic pots?  For example, I have some Roma style pots manufactured with “recycled materials” in China by Misco Enterprises.  Before I use them for food I want to be sure that something unhealthy won’t leach into the soil from the pot itself.  Thank you! - Bill

Posted by Bill on Apr. 16, 2012 at 5:21:55 PM

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