The Way to an Organic Gardener’s Heart…

By on February 06, 2012

The way to a gardener's heart would be...

The best way to an organic gardener’s heart is…

There are oh, so many words that could finish that sentence. Give us your  suggestions in the comments!

This Valentine’s Day we recommend two ways to an organic gardener’s heart: both are red, luscious, and romantic to share.

Did you guess?

Strawberries and raspberries.

Get your gardening Valentine some strawberry plants, just $5.99 for a bundle of 25. At those prices you can buy enough for a nice June crop (June bearing) and also pick up some everbearing for sweetness all summer long.

Red raspberry plants are only $9.99 for a bundle of 3, to give you berries for years to come. Raspberries are one of the easiest ways to grow fruit in your garden, as you’ll see in our video.

Red raspberries need some serious garden space, but strawberries can grow happily in containers.

What do you think? More creative than roses and chocolates?

Got to have chocolate? How about this?

Of course, if you’re a real romantic you can wrap it all up in red mulching film.

While you’re wrapping, please share your  ways to an organic gardener’s heart…

And if this is not a Happy Valentine’s Day we have something for that too. Pick up a seed packet of ‘Love Lies Bleeding’ Amaranth.

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