TV Gardener Joe Lamp’l Loves Compost!

By on June 19, 2012

A couple of gardeners, leaning up against the compost bin and chatting: Tricia with Joe Lamp'l of PBS Growing a Greener World.

How much does famed TV gardener Joe Lamp’l love compost? He dove into a pile of it—more than once.

Tricia didn’t have a huge compost pile for Joe at the San Francisco Flower & Garden Show, but she did locate beautiful composting bins made by Star Apple Edible Gardening in the Bay Area.

Click to watch and find out what Joe says gardeners should do 90% of the time in their gardens. He also has common sense tips on how to make compost (or buy it), and how much compost you need to add to your garden every year.

Oh, and that compost diving escapade? Right here.

Can’t get enough compost? Joe’s Growing a Greener World tv show did a whole episode on compost, and Tricia has a short Composting 101 video.

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