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Italian Cream Soda

Submitted by: Meredith Cherry

Italian Cream Soda

This refreshing drink is easy to make using homemade syrups!
Servings: 1


For the syrup

1 cup juice (any kind)
1 cup sugar
whole spices such as cinnamon, cloves, sliced ginger (optional)

For the soda

½ cup club soda or carbonated water
3 Tbsp syrup
1 Tbsp half & half
3 ice cubes or ¼ cup crushed ice


To make the syrup:

In a saucepan, mix juice and sugar.  Stir frequently, until it comes to a boil and the sugar is fully dissolved.  Bottle and store in the fridge up to six months unopened, or two weeks once opened. 

You can also add whole spices to the jar when you bottle the syrup for a unique flavor.

For long-term storage, add 1/8 tsp ascorbic acid per pint of syrup, and it will last one year unopened.

To make the soda:

Mix together the soda ingredients.

Serve with whipped cream and a cherry!

For larger glasses, you can double the recipe. 

For a vegan drink, omit the half & half, or substitute any non-dairy creamy beverage.

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