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April 15, 2014 - Stephanie Brown
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Video Transcript
Mounting birdhouses on
poles is the best.
If you mount the house on a tree it's
more susceptible to predators.
You wanna place them about
30 feet apart because birds are
territorial. And for bluebirds
you want to make it
three hundred feet apart.

The height at the pole depends on the
species a bird you want to attract.
Most songbirds like blue birds and
chickadees choose nest boxes
that are 4 to 10 feet
off the ground.

Others, like purple
martins or nuthatches
prefer houses as high as ten feet off
the ground.

Try to situate your birdhouse with the
opening facing either a north
or eastern exposure, but not west or
south because it gets too hot and that can
kill the nestlings.

In early spring, hang out little baskets with
some string, or wool or even pet fur. Birds will gather
that and use it to make their nests
it's really fun to watch.

Check boxes after 10 a.m.
and before evening. Observe and listen. If
you hear loud peeping,
or see adult birds, don't check the box. Tap
the box slightly,
if you still hear nothing take a quick
peek inside.

Where gloves and be alert for spiders are
mice when you open the box.
Be alert for signs and predation like
cracked eggs or dead nestlings. If the
boxes been predated,
leave it as it is and that will be a
warning to other songbirds
who may want to put nest there.

You can build a cone guard, or a baffle,
or a Noel guard as an anti predator device.
Check out our blog to find out how to build these.

If the nest is empty because the babies
have fledged, clean out the old nest and disinfect
the inside with some diluted white

Birds are more attracted to clean
birdhouses and this will also protect the next
occupants from pests and diseases.

Help out your songbirds and grow organic
for life.

Richard Says:
May 31st, 2014 at 9:09 pm

Thank you Trisha for all your great videos.  You really convey your enthusiasm for organic gardening wink

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