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Organic Lawn Care

August 24, 2011 - GrowOrganic
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Video Transcript
Hi I'm Tricia a California organic gardener.

Today I'd like to share some tips on how to grow and maintain an organic lawn. If you're in a real drought area a lawn is probably not sustainable but i'm lucky because i have a lot of water for irrigation. Even a small patch of lawn is great for kids and pets. Hey guys here catch a ball.

A basic tip for a great lawn is plant a variety that's gonna do well in your area. If you plant something that's not well adapted to your area it's gonna require a lot more care try to find species that are native to your area. You may even want to consider a lawn mix that includes inoculated clover like this mini perennial clover and grass mix. The inoculated clover takes nitrogen from the air and puts it into the soil in a plant usable form this translates to big savings on lawn fertilizer. As with all organic methods the better the soil the better the lawn.

The deeper your soil the deeper the grasses roots can penetrate and the less you'll have to water. The addition of compost to your soil will improve the soil and the microbial activity necessary for a good lawn. So just fling it around with a shovel sweep it into with a broom to get it between the blades of grass and add about a third to half an inch every year. After applying the compost water your lawn when you have good deep soil you can water your lawn an inch a week and that's all you need that's about one to two hours of overhead watering at a time. Another great way to boost the good microbial activity in your lawns soil is with regular spraying of aerobic compost tea. It's easy to make your own check out our video on grow to learn how to make your own. You can spray the compost tea as a foliar spray or you can hook up a mixer proportioner to your irrigation system and use the compost tea as a soil drench while you irrigate.

Get those mow decks up the taller your grass the better it will out compete weeds and the less you'll have to mow. In the fall about three weeks before the lawn stops growing which is about the time of the first frost you want a fertilize with a high nitrogen protein based organic fertilizer. Ringer lawn restore is a great organic fertilizer with lawns in mind another good lawn fertilizer thats a bit easier on the pocket book is alfalfa meal. Spring and fall are great times to take care of bare spots like these in your lawn. If the spot is less than the size of a soccer ball leave it alone it will most likely fill in on its own and of course you want to diagnose why you have the bald spot otherwise you'll just have the same bald spot next year. I need to adjust the angle of my sprinkler. Before reseeding the bare spot you want to break up the soil a little bit and remove the dead grass and thatch. To make sure that your lawn level is even add a little topsoil to any dips or crevices rake the soil smooth.

So just apply a thin layer of seed and then afterwards were gonna rake it in. Just apply a little bit of straw over the top of the seed and that way you'll protect the seed and hopefully prevent the birds from eating it. Keep it evenly watered make sure it's moist don't let it dry out and then be patient some grasses take about two weeks to germinate. Enjoy a naturally beautiful lawn give your kids and pets a safe place to play get your lawn off chemicals and grow organic for life!

WILL Says:
Aug 25th, 2011 at 1:36 pm

Your creating toxic fumes,oil & grease by using that large lawn tractor to cut your re-established lawn. More front lawns are being converted to vegetable, landscaped with shrubs,trees and colorful plants and flowers. These are densely planted and then mulched. This eliminates the seed,fertilizer,cutting,fowl air and cancer producing many “cides” that go along with the so-called “lush green lawn”
I had an event with a large white oak on neighboring property-it kept on producing a green lawn of moss. I dug,raked and fought for a few years until I came across an article that enhansed the problem by feeding with buttermilk,water and amounts of moss-this bloomed and now have a natural green lawn-I haven’t completed all the planting yet but my Question is What do you think will happen if I heavily mulch all the plantings and cover with 2 ” or more. Mulch stops weeds-I’m thinking the moss will turn into rich almost topsoil in time - What is your in put to this ? Thanks for your time. WILL -

Mike Says:
Sep 2nd, 2011 at 7:36 pm


Please use your spelling and grammar check!

Charlotte from Peaceful Valley Says:
Oct 10th, 2011 at 10:40 pm


We support edible yards, front or back, for those who do not need a lawn. One of our favorite new books on our shelves here is The Edible Front Yard by Ivette Soler. She shows people how to remove lawn and replace it with vegetables and fruit.

Our video and articles are meant to explain how to maintain a lawn organically, with as little water as possible, for those who need to keep a lawn.

Your landscaping question is interesting, but it’s too complex to answer properly here on the blog. For expert advice, please phone our store at 530-272-4769 x 321.

rick bolger Says:
Nov 17th, 2014 at 6:39 pm

Hi.  I believe that I ordered some organic oat seed from you several week ago and still haven’t received my order.  I was actually ordering the seed for my pet who loves her grass, and I wanted purely organic.  Perhaps you didn’t get my order for whatever reason.  My number is 313-347-5436.  Thanks and have a good day.

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