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OrganicPond PureBlue Pond Dye
(1 Gal)

Keep Your Ponds Clear

Item Number: ISO855


In Stock! Ships from Northern CA.


In Stock! Ships from Northern CA.


Organic Pond pureBlue limits the penetration and effect of sunlight penetrating the water, reducing the potential for weed and algae growth. Apply early in the season and maintain the color all season for the best results.

PureBlue Pond dye is a low cost all natural alternative to chemical herbicides and algaecides that can significantly reduce submerged aquatic plant and algae growth.

Like all plants, aquatic plants and algae require sunlight and nutrients to flourish. Plants can only grow when sufficient light reaches the bottom of the pond or the "photic zone". If light cannot penetrate the lower layers of the pond plants cannot grow.

Limiting light by adding pureBlue Pond Dye limits the potential for algae and plant growth. Dyes are less effective in shallows, but in many cases the reduction in overall biomass is sufficient for most pond owners. Pond Dyes will not impact emergent plants, such as cattails or floating leaved plants.

In addition to limiting the effects of sun on algae growth, pureBLUE tints your pond a brilliant blue with the highest concentration of food grade dye of any pond dye on the market, so you know pureBLUE is safe for people, pets, plants and wildlife. There are NO water use restrictions. Getting the color right is fairly easy as Organic Pond bases the dosage rate on water volume, one gallon treats 1,650,000 gallons of water or 5 Acre Feet (a one acre pond with an average depth of 5 Feet.) The key is maintaining the color throughout the season. If you see the color fading-add more dye.

Pure Blue Pond Dye is easy to use. After consulting the label and then calculating how much to use, simply shake well and pour the dye along the shoreline in several places. Natural water movement will disperse the dye in 12-24 hours. Be sure to rinse out any residual dye in the bottle. Use gloves when applying the concentrate dye, as it will stain. Once dispersed the dye will not stain.

Use the help below to figure out how much you'll need to order for a good result.

Use the help below to figure out how much you'll need to order for a good result.

Water Volume of a Square or Rectangular Pond

Length X Width X Avg. Depth X 7.5 = Gallons

Water Volume of a Round Pond

(r is the radius- the radius is the distance from the center to the edge) r x r = X, Multiply the X above by 3.14 = A Multiply A by the average depth of the pond, then by 7.5 = Gallons (One acre foot = 325,851 Gallons)

For maximum care to encourage a healthier pond, use the PureBlue Pond Sunblock with PureBacteria+ Muck Reducer.

Also remember that a healthy pond has adequate oxygen, so aeration is key, especially if you have fish in your pond.

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