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Vincent Tender Kiwi, Female (Potted) - FT242

Vincent Tender Kiwi, Female (Potted)
How to Grow Kiwi

How to Grow Kiwi

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Actinidia deliciosa

  • Zones: 7-9
  • Chill Hours: 100-150
  • Looks: The female for the familiar, fuzzy skinned kiwi fruit is a woody vine. With large, heart-shaped, rounded leaves, creamy flowers in spring, and fuzzy fruits in summer, this is an ornamental as well as edible plant. It needs the support of a trellis or can be trained on heavy wire as an espalier.
  • Personality: Flavor is classic kiwi tartness with a hint of strawberry. This female vine produces medium-sized fruit of very good quality. Fruit develops better size if thinned. Vincent is one of the best varieties of traditional kiwi for low chill areas.
  • Facts of Note: Tender kiwi vines can take off and grow up to 30', so be sure you have a sturdy trellis or system of wires to support them. Plant in full sun or part-shade, with weekly irrigation (more in hot spells) and fertile, well-drained soil. Hardy to 10-15F. Best fruit appears if there is a winter chill below 32° F.
  • Pollination: This female vine needs the male Tomuri kiwi vine. If grown in the center of a group of Vincent vines, 1 Tomuri can pollinate up to 8 Vincents. If you are growing the tender kiwi vines in a line, then plant 1 Tomuri after 3 or 4 Vincents in a row.

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