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Red Raspberry - Canby Thornless (Bundle of 4) - FV302

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Rubus idaeus var. strigosus

Canby has vigorous canes. Moderate winter hardiness. Likes cooler summers. Mature height is 3'-8' with a spread of 4'-8' and is nearly thornless at harvest heights.

Zones: 4-11.

Harvest: Early Summer Bearer. Ripens in June.

Fruit: Medium to large berry. Firm, sweet and excellent for fresh use or freezing.

Facts of note: High level of virus and aphid immunity.

Cane berries prefer a deep, well–drained, fertile soil and typically bear fruit on 2–year old wood with everbearers producing on first–year wood. They thrive in most soil types. Cane berries are versatile and hardy in the coldest climates where other fruits fail. Plant late winter to early spring. Space 2’–3’ in a row with 8’–10’ between rows.

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