Parfianka Pomegranate Tree (Standard) (Potted) - FT229

Parfianka Pomegranate Tree (Standard) (Potted)
How to Grow Pomegranate

How to Grow Pomegranate

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  • Zones: 7-10
  • Chill hours: 100-200
  • Harvest: September 5 - October 10
  • Looks: Large, deep red fruit
  • Personality: Sweet with a hint of acidity.
  • Facts of note: Pomegranates are not grafted onto any rootstock, so in areas where it gets cold enough to freeze, the tops of the plants may die back, they still come back and produce fruit. Hummingbirds LOVE the pomegranate flowers. Arils are red with very small edible seeds. Vigorous upright plant sets a heavy crop dependably. Maintain at any height with summer pruning. Always receives the highest praise for overall flavor. Great for juice or fresh eating.
  • Pollination: Self-pollinated.

Glossy–leaved, ornamental and long-lived tree with showy orange–red blossoms in late spring. Pomegranates are native to Iran and India and have been cultivated in the arid regions of the world since antiquity. They love desert climates with hot summers and cold winters they have been known to grow as far north as Utah and Washington D.C. but they rarely fruit in these latitudes. When planting, cut back the top half of the tree and cut side limbs back to 3”–6” to prevent desiccation and stress. A pomegranate can reach 20'-30' in maturity, but is more commonly seen at 12'-16'. Suitable to espalier. Pomegranates do not like to be planted as bare–roots and are difficult to establish, so we sell these No. 1 size trees (2’ to 3’) in pots to enhance their survival rate. Trees are 1 year old, and should begin to fruit the same year you plant them.

Check out our Fruit Tree Harvest Chart to plan for successive harvests.

Customer Reviews

Strong Growth

I Purchased this tree in Feb 2015 for here in Phoenix. This tree has taken well after being planted in the ground immediately and is looking very healthy and show lots of vigorous growth. Looking forward for it to mature and produce.

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Good quality pomegranate tree!

This company offers one of the most extensive varieties of fruit trees. Parfianka Pomegranate is a hard variety to find and this is the only company i could find that sells them. If you can only grow one pomegranate tree, PARFIANKA is the variety you want. By far the best tasting variety i have tried and is soft seeded, which means seeds are completely edible almost \"seedless\". The pot arrived in great condition and was dormant. In took off well during spring. Highly recommend Peaceful Valley.

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