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Praying Mantids Tenodera ardefolia sinensis (Case of approx 200 eggs) - PBE550

How to Get Rid of Ants

How to Get Rid of Ants

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Tenodera ardefolia sinensis, Praying Mantis, preys on most insects, mites and insect eggs. Use 10-100 egg cases per year per acre in early Spring. Hang an egg case in bushes or attach to anything 2' or more above the ground. Egg cases may be stored in the refrigerator just above freezing with slight dampness. Generally available from February-May.

Price includes delivery via FedEx Ground to a street address only (no Post Office box).

These creatures will die if left in direct sunlight or in a rural mailbox on a hot afternoon, or in cold weather. We only guarantee viability if someone accepts and inspects the insects immediately upon delivery. You must contact us immediately upon delivery if you suspect a viability problem. Because of this, often the best address to use is a work address. If FedEx is instructed to leave the package in a cool, safe place and it’s for a short period of time, viability should not be compromised, but cannot be guaranteed. If no one is available and no instructions have been left, delivery may be re-attempted the next business day. However, viability may be compromised and will not be guaranteed.

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worth it

We get these every year; started because one of our kids had food allergies and couldn't have traditional Easter Eggs...so the egg cases were a special gift. <br />They work! It's fun to keep one case in the house (a butterfly house is helpful to contain the offspring); it's so cool to watch them hatch.<br />Whether you have little kids or not, these ferocious-looking but gentle guys certainly earn their keep eating pests in the garden. And they do lay their own cases occasionally--although I order every year, just to make sure we have plenty.

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