PredaLure Ladybug Lure - PBE950

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Attract and keep predatory beneficial insects in your crop with PredaLure. After several years of intensive university research, this lure was developed to help growers attract beneficial predators including green lacewing, twelvespotted lady beetle, various syrphids (flower or hover flies) and other beneficials that are attracted to the scent. Encapsulated in a controlled release pack, the proprietary membrane releases effective rates of the attractant for 4 weeks. Field trials have shown PredaLure increases populations of targeted beneficials by about 500%. Hang lure at crop height. Use 20-30 lures/acre, or 1 lure/7,500 sq ft.

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It works

Used them in my garden and it deff. Worked very well I'll be using these again.<br />Get them before your neighbors do..

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