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Peaceful Valley in the News

Recent Media Publications:

07.26.13 The Union: Local organic gardening video series passes 2 million views

What’s the simplest way to learn about organic gardening? Having an organic gardener right next to you. The next best way is a video of an organic mentor at work. Peaceful Valley Farm & Garden Supply (online at produces a weekly organic gardening video series that just clocked past two million views on YouTube. Featuring Patricia Boudier, vice president of Peaceful Valley, in her own organic garden, each video is packed with information on one gardening topic. For instance, the most popular video is “Planting Blueberries & Growing Blueberries” with more than 133,000 views.

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03.21.13 Colfax Record: Planting the seeds for organic gardening to flourish

For Patricia Boudier, organic gardening is the natural way. That’s what she wants to get across as a seminar speaker at this week’s San Francisco Flower & Garden Show. Her seminar, “Organic Gardening Made Easy,” is scheduled for 2:45 p.m. Friday and Saturday. Boudier and her husband, Eric, both avid gardeners, are the owners of Peaceful Valley Farm & Garden Supply in Grass Valley.

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03.01.13 San Francisco Chronicle: Gear, books for farm-to-table living.

Here are a few resources we like for small-scale farming and gardening.

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02.28.13 The Oregonian: Gardening news and notes: Conifer event; free seeds for schools; helping birds

Free boxes of more than 150 packets of vegetable and herb seed will be sent to classrooms simply for signing up. Peaceful Valley Farm & Garden Supply, which grows organic and non-GMO seeds in Grassvalley, Calif., donates one seed pack to school gardens for every 10 it sells. That's a lot of seeds.

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02.21.13 San Francisco Chronicle: Try other pest remedies before the ax

Q: I have this apple tree, around 20 years old. I have been very patient with it, but since it started giving me a decent size of fruit, it has been infested with bugs - that is, worms - which cause rot at the core. I want to share the fruit, but I can't offer friends wormy apples. I have tried spinosad, and all the "low-octane," healthy, not-ruthless-to-the-environment sprays, but to no avail. I have reached the end of my rope this year, and the ax is ready unless you can recommend something that will produce fruits I can give away to friends without an asterisk.

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02.16.13 The Sacramento Bee: How sweet -- now there's a fruit tree for every yard

George Washington would approve. These cherry trees already have been "chopped" down to size. To tell the truth, though, no ax was involved. Through breeding and improved rootstock, these new dwarf cherry trees stay compact – just 8 feet tall at maturity. With pruning, they can be kept under 6 feet – making their crop easy to harvest without a ladder. Perfect for small backyards, they can be grown in containers.

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07.12.10 The Union: Organic, natural sustainability on tap at Peaceful Valley

Peaceful Valley Farm & Garden Supply was into all natural and organic way before it was hip.

Recent winners of the Sacramento Sustainable Business award, sustainability has been a way of life for owners Eric and Pattie Boudier.

“If it's not organic or what we call natural, it's against what we stood for for 34 years,” Eric said.

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01.16.10 Sac Bee: Vigorous growth at Peaceful Valley

In sour times, Peaceful Valley Farm & Garden Supply found its sweet spot.

Buoyed by backyard farmers, the homegrown seed company in Grass Valley has flourished through the recession, with new customers across the nation. As many companies have withered in the past 24 months, Peaceful Valley has seen its business grow 30 percent.

"Organics are our claim to fame," says co-owner Eric Boudier. "I don't know of anyone who does what we do. We're the only business in the country with the depth and breadth of stock we carry."

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01.32.09 Pittsburgh Tribune Review: Sorting through gardening catalogs is heavy work

"And, for me, the catalog of all catalogs comes from Peaceful Valley Farm and Garden Supply. They have everything -- and I mean everything -- a gardener is ever going to need. Loppers, compost bins, mole traps, liquid fertilizers, seeds, plants, cover crops and live beneficial insects just barely scratch the surface.

I keep the catalog on my desk year-round and am constantly using it as a reference guide through the growing season. Peaceful Valley is one of the pioneers of the sustainable-gardening marketplace, and their customer-service agents have answered all kinds of tough questions from me over the years without skipping a beat."

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01.14.09 SanDiego Weekly Reader: Cover Crops

“You’re basically growing your own compost,” added Amber from Peaceful Valley Farm Supply in Grass Valley (530-272-4769; “That’s why it’s referred to as green manure. Besides adding organic matter, nitrogen, and other trace nutrients, it helps to break up hard soil.

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Company History

Peaceful Valley is known in the growing community as one of the originators of the organic movement. For over 34 years we have been a reliable, affordable source that offers literally everything you need to grow organic. Peaceful Valley Farm & Garden Supply originated in 1976 on tiny Peaceful Valley Road in Nevada City, California. The business started in a small garage and sent out a four-page newsletter to growers. As the business expanded... (read more here).

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