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Organic Kohlrabi, White Vienna - SNV8433

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Kohlrabi - White Vienna - Brassica oleracea (Gongylodes Group)

Hardy Biennial Heirloom. Enjoyed in the U.S. since the 19th century, kohlrabis have a juicy, cabbagey flavor. Grow White Vienna kohlrabi along with Purple Vienna for colorful combos of these unusual vegetables raw in salads, or cooked. White Vienna (also called Early White Vienna) is slightly smaller and slightly faster maturing than Purple Vienna, with a milder flavor.

Soil and Water: Provide plenty of water and a well drained, soil rich in compost.

Planting and Growing: Direct seed as soon as ground can be worked in early spring, or in late summer. For the best quality, plant in time for a fall harvest. Kohlrabi will withstand light frost.

Harvesting and Storage: The edible portion of kohlrabi is not the root, but rather the round, swollen stem of the plant. Leaves are also edible. Harvest when stem swells to 3-5" and is easily visible above the soil.

Did You Know? Try kohlrabi on a crudite platter to surprise and please your guests.

Soil Temperature: 50-75°F
Planting Depth: 1/4"-1/2"
Germination: 7-10 Days
Height At Maturity: 6"-12"
Days to Maturity: 50-60 Days
Sun/Shade: Full Sun
Spacing After Thinning: 6"-8"
Approx Seeds per Pack: 100 Seeds

Peaceful Valley Farm & Garden Supply brand vegetable seeds from packs are guaranteed to germinate. Once the seeds have sprouted, please understand that Peaceful Valley cannot be held responsible for the many uncontrollable growing and climatic conditions that must be met to insure the success of your crop(s).

Peaceful Valley brand vegetable seeds are all non-GMO and Certified Organic.
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