Renee's Garden Amaranth Globe Mardi Gras Parade (Heirloom) - SWF4036

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Mature height 1-1.5 feetGomphrena haageana Annual. Heirloom. Exclusive - multi-stemmed plants with iridescent clover-shaped blossoms in a glowing mix of vibrant red, rich apricot-orange and luminous carmine. Attracts butterflies. Approx. 60 seeds.

Planting and growing information can be found on the seed packet image. While Renee's Garden seeds are not all certified organic, they do not sell treated or GMO seeds and have signed the "Safe Seed Pledge". This seedline features unique varieties personally selected by Renee Shepherd for use in the kitchen or in bouquets.

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Hardy seeds

Its 2014, and this year, with my first indoor growing light setup, I decided to plant some of these seeds from a packet packed for 2003. Its still early, so I can't speak to transplanting or the final product, but after 11 years, not treated, these seeds have done wonderfully. If I don't get them to survive here in Atlanta, that will be on me, I think, not these seeds.

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