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Meadow Creature Broadfork - 4 Tines (14") - GDO540

Planting Olives

Planting Olives

Double Digging

Double Digging

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The broadfork allows you to till and aerate your growing beds by hand, using a natural motion that's easier on your body - no twisting. It tills deeper and provides an alternative to the noise, pollution, fossil fuel use, and ground compaction caused by power tilling.

The broadfork looks similar to a pitchfork, but it's stronger and heavier, with longer tines. Our tines have a gentle curve to ease ground penetration. To use, you stand on the cross bar, wriggling the handles and using your body weight to work the tines into the ground. Stepping off the broadfork, you can pull on the handles just a bit to loosen and aerate the soil around the tines, or leverage the handles further back for a more complete breaking of the soil. After each "pull", work backwards and side to side, to turn your bed, without stepping on the loosened soil.

  • Item Model Number: GDO540
  • Shipping Dimensions: 65 x 22 x 6 inches
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