Gard'N Gro Dechlorinating Garden Filter - WOT800

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Many of our customers have no choice but to use municipal water that is chlorinated to kill pathogens. Unfortunately, chlorine can not distinguish between good and bad organisms so watering with this water has a terrible affect on your gardens microbial population.

We are happy to be able to offer an effective solution a dechlorinator for the garden. The Gardn Gro effectively reduces free chlorine or chloramine (a chlorine-ammonia mix) at ambient temperatures and flow rates of 2-3 gallons per minute. Converts toxic-free chlorine into a harmless and soluble chloride using copper and zinc redox media.

Cartridges should be replaced each growing season, or if indicated by a chlorine test. Use the Hanna Free Chlorine Test Kit to test your water for free chlorine and determine if your Gardn Dechlorinator filter is in need of replacement. Test provides results in parts per million (ppm) using color comparison; 50 tests/kit. Comes with 36 custom hose saver. An optional Pre-Filter is available which eliminates particulates.

Even if you are unconvinced that your water supply would require it, the manufacturer encourages its use as it will enhance performance and lengthen filter lifespan.

Note: This filter is for the garden only, and should not be considered a drinking water filter - it does not remove particulate matter or other water contaminants.

  • Item Model Number: WOT800
  • Shipping Dimensions: 10.625 x 4.125 x 7.625 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 4 pounds
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