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Garden Insects of North America - BP800

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by Whitney Cranshaw The most comprehensive and user-friendly guide to the common insects and mites affecting garden plants in the continental US and Canada. Knowing who caused the damage is over half the battle, and to that end Whitney Cranshaw, Professor of Entomology at Colorado State University, has developed this impressive, encyclopedic guide to identifying everything from acorn weevils to zebra caterpillars. Organized to accommodate insect identification using appearance, type of destructive damage, and target food hosts as clues. Provides scientific text descriptions and color photos of over 1,400 species at various life stages. Packed with all the essentials to better manage, understand, appreciate and tolerate insects of turf, orchards and gardens.

Softcover. 2004. 672 pages. 7 1/2" x 10". 265 color plates. 1,400+ color photos.

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