Ergonomic Buckethandle Grip - GO2000

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The Gripworks ergonomic bucket handle is a durable snap over bucket grip for five-gallon buckets. It easily snaps over the existing handle OR wire bail to give the carrier a more comfortable ergonomic alternative to the common bucket handle.
Installation Instruction tip: You need to break away the two posts on the inside of each half, before you snap the two halves together onto the bucket. Bend the post over and then break it off. If you don't do that first, the handle will not snap together. The gripwork handle can be removed after it has been snapped together. Insert a flat screwdriver into the seam at the end of the handle. Gently pry it apart and then do the same to the opposite side on the same end. Repeat the process on the other end and the handle will come apart.

  • Item Model Number: GO2000
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