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Growing Goji Berries

Growing Goji Berries

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Hardiness: to - 5 degrees F.

Deciduous woody shrub to 9 feet tall.

Native to Northern China.

This is a highly productive cultivar that bears extremely large fruits. The seed is of confirmed germination and vigor.

You must remove the seed from the berry and plant the seeds. Why? The seed maintains its viability and vigor very nicely in the dried fruit but quickly loses its viability if removed from the fruit.

To make seed extraction easier, soak the berries in water overnight and remove the seeds from the softened fruits in the morning and plant them.

Use a sandy potting soil medium. Sow the seeds just beneath the surface, tamp in, and keep in strong light. Water well to start, but back off on watering after germination, which occurs in 1 to 2 weeks.

Pot up seedlings and plant out to the landscape only after they are well-established.

Plant prefers full sun and fast-drying soils. High desert conditions are quite conducive.

Goji plants are drought-tolerant.

Goji berries are used fresh, juiced or (more commonly) dried and used like raisins.

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