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Nu-Film-17 (Gallon) - PSA700

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Pesticide ID # is required for all CA commercial growers AND all Nevada County, CA residents

Spreader Stickers to Extend Pesticides Superior sticking/extending agent is designed to lengthen the life of foliar-applied insecticides and fungicides. Forms a sticky, elastic film which encapsulates and tenaciously holds the pesticide on the crop foliage in spite of rainfall, irrigation or wind. Also shields the residue from heat and ultra-violet light degradation. University research shows significant (up to 100%) increase in the duration of biological insecticides such as Bt's. Use at .5-1 pint/acre. When insecticide and fungicide spray applications are made within 30 days of harvest, switch from Nu-Film-17 to Nu-Film-P. Nu-Film-P is a superior sticking agent but does not have the long term extender properties of Nu-Film-17. Use at 4-6 oz/acre. Both products derived from pine.

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