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California Native Wildflower Mix (pack) - SWF708

How to Plant a Hedgerow

How to Plant a Hedgerow

Planting Wildflowers

Planting Wildflowers

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Bloom Season: Spring/Summer Height:8-36 Quantities of Specie Type Annual: 16 Perennial: 2 Biennial: 0 Native: 18 Imported: 0 Ingredients: Common Name-Life Color Ht Blm Season Origin % by Wt Arroyo Lupine- A Blue 36 Spr/Sum N 15% Pigmy-leaf Lupine- A Blue 16 Spring N 10% California Poppy- A Orange 18 Spr/Sum N 8% Five Spot- A Purple/White 12 Spr/Sum N 8% Yellow Lupine- A Yellow 36 Spr/Sum N 8% Baby Blue Eyes- A Blue 9 Spr/Sum N 8% Sky Lupine- A Blue/White 20 Spring N 7.5% Chinese Houses- A Lavender/White 24 Spr/Sum N 6% Tidy Tips- A Yellow/White 12 Spr N 4% Godetia- A Pink/Red 18 Sum N 3% Goldfields- A Gold 36 Spring N 3% Mountain Phlox- A Lavender/White 16 Spr/Sum N 3% California Blue Bell- A Blue 24 Spr/Sum N 3% Beach Evening Primrose- P Yellow 12 Spr/Fall N 2.75% Mountain Garland- A Pink/White 36 Spr/Sum N 2% Bird's Eyes- A Purple/White 20 Summer N 2% California Goldfields- A Gold 12 Spring N 2% Blue-eyed Grass- P Blue 24 Spring N 2% Globe- A Blue 24 Sum N 2% Aster, Pacific- P Blue 24 Fall N .75% Seeding Rate: Use 125 seeds/sq ft (~2400 seeds/pack)

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