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North American Perennial Wildflower Mix (pack) - SWF986

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Bloom Season: Summer/Fall Height: 12-96 Quantities of Specie Type Annual: 0 Perennial: 21 Biennial: 1 Native: 18 Imported: 4 Ingredients: Common Name-Life Color Ht Blm Season Origin % by Wt Perennial Lupine- P Blue 36 Spr/Sum N 10% Blanketflower- P Yellow/Red 30 Sum/Fall N 10% Blue Flax- P Blue 24 Sum/Fall N 10% Russell Lupine- P Mix 48 Spr/Sum N 8% Purple Coneflower- P Purple 36 Sum/Fall N 8% Lance-leaved Coreopsis- P Yellow 48 Sum/Fall N 7% Shasta Daisy- P White 48 Sum I 6% Standing Cypress- B Red 60 Sum/Fall N 4% Black-eyed Susan- P Yellow/Orange 30 Sum/Fall N 4% Purple Prairie Clover- P Purple 24 Sum/Fall N 4% Moss Verbena- P Purple 10 Spr/Fall I 4% Maltese Cross- P Red 47 Sum/Fall I 3% Yellow Prairie Coneflower- P Yellow 30 Sum/Fall N 3% Rocky Mountain Penstemon- P Blue 20 Sum N 3% Mexican Hat- P Red/Yellow 36 Sum/Fall N 3% Gold Dust- P Yellow 12 Sum/Fall I 2% Pale Purple Coneflower- P Purple 36 Sum/Fall N 2% Dense Blazing Star- P Pink 36 Sum/Fall N 2% Missouri Primrose- P Yellow 12 Sum/Fall N 2% Showy Evening Primrose- P Pk/Wht 18 Spr/Sum/Fa N 2% Grey-Headed Coneflower- P Yellow 48 Sum N 2% Maximilian Sunflower- P Yellow 96 Sum/Fall N 1% Seeding Rate: Use 125 seeds/sq ft (~2447 seeds/pack)

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