Horizon Herbs Passionflower - SNV7059

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Flowers wonderfully large, complex, purple and white.

Herbaceous vine native to southern and eastern US and hardy to 5 degrees F.

This is the most northern hardy of all the passionflowers, and it is the type most commonly used in medicine. The stems, leaves, flower buds and flowers are the parts used as a fresh plant tincture or dried plant tea.

The effect is sleep inducing. Combines well with Valerian, making that drug more dependable in its action, also improving the dreams.

Plant prefers full sun and dryish soils, trellis. These can easily be trained up a sunny wall on the porch to give seasonal shade, and the flower display is a big plus.

Soak seeds in a jar of water placed in the bright sun for a week or so, then plant about 1/2 inch deep in fast-draining mix and keep evenly warm.

Our most recent work with these showed a high rate of germination after 22 days, but the part of the flat that was not so warm showed zero germ--so keep them warm. Good subject for lights or bottom heat.

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