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Nemfix Mustard Seed (Lb) - SCN760

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Cool Season. Mustards attract beneficial insects, provide susbstantial quantities of organic matter and have a large deep root system, which increases water penetration. In addition, members of the Brassica genus including radishes, rapeseed and mustards contain high levels of compounds called glucosinolates that when released into the soil breakdown into isothiocyanates which act as natural bio-fumigants in the soil. They have been shown to have nematicidal properties when mowed or chopped and tilled into the soil. It is important to water in after tilling. Nemfix is a “hot mustard” variety that has higher levels of these compounds. Plant at 12-15 lbs/acre or 0.5 lb/1,000 sq ft. (No inoculant required)

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