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PVFS Roadway Mix - Nitrocoated Seed (Lb) - SCM550

PVFS Roadway Mix - Nitrocoated Seed (Lb) PVFS Roadway Mix - Nitrocoated Seed (Lb) PVFS Roadway Mix - Nitrocoated Seed (Lb)
Pasture Troubleshooting

Pasture Troubleshooting

Pasture Management

Pasture Management

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Good Mix for Erosion Control

Excellent, long-lasting evergreen turf and clover mix was developed for use on farm roadways, ditchbanks and other areas where soil and water erosion, dust, traction, beneficial insect habitat and durability are important.

This mix forms a dense, low-growing sod that can tolerate frequent foot and equipment traffic once established, even tolerating wet soil traffic.

Prevents compaction and erosion problems and requires only occasional (1-3 times per year) mowing. The clovers attract and feed many beneficial insects and the grasses form a dense, tough turf.

The turf type fescues in this mix are naturally high in endophytes, which helps to maximize pest resistance. However, high endophyte seed should not be used for animal pasture, as it can be toxic to livestock, including horses.

  • Application Rate: Broadcast seed and cover shallowly at 1-2 lb/1,000 sq ft. or 40-50 lb/acre
  • Inoculant: None needed, is nitrocoated
  • Germination: 5-10 Days
  • Plant Height: 8 -12"
  • Uses: Ditchbank, erosion control, beneficial habitat
  • Facts to Note: This durable mix is a good bet for areas where dogs run and play. Plant spring through fall in any area that can be irrigated during germination and dry months.

Contains: Dwarf Turf-Type Fescue, Tough Turf-Type Fescue, White Clover, OMRI-listed coating Strawberry Clover, OMRI-listed coating Kentucky Bluegrass

NOTE to Certified Organic Growers: The seed in this mix is conventional seed, but the legumes in the mix are coated with Nitro-Coat Organic, which is an OMRI listed coating. This coating uses all organic ingredients: the proper rhizobacteria, a Calcium Carbonate coating that is naturally water absorbing to speed seed germination, and an OMRI listed organic adhesive.

  • Item Model Number: SCM550
  • Shipping Dimensions: 8 x 5 x 1.5 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 1.1 pounds

Customer Reviews

Stands up to Pooches

Because of your PV Roadway Mix we now have a lush green yard, and us and our 4 dogs enjoy it every day!! Last year you helped me pick this mixture and it has done so well I give it 10 stars!!!

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