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Roots Demystified - BF101

Roots Demystified
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Learn About Beautiful Root Systems

by Robert Kourik

Roots Demystified is the only book in print for gardeners with such an extensive variety of root illustrations. There are twenty-five meticulous drawings produced by horticultural researchers who actually dug, troweled, dusted, mapped, and drew their way through entire growing root systems, down to the tiniest root. The resulting illustrations are a revelation of the beauty contained in the actual patterns, and habits of rooting plants. Guidelines also provide a home gardener with tips for the practical use of the new information.

Interesting facts enclosed

  • About 90% of a tree’s roots are found in the top 18 inches of the soil
  • At the end of its first year’s growth, an apple tree can include as many as 17,000,000 root hairs with a total length of well over a mile!
  • The glorious magnolia (Magnolia grandiflora), can grow roots 3.77 times wider than the dripline
  • A turnip can produce roots that explore 100 cubic feet of soil (enough “dirt” to fill 20-25 wheelbarrows), and the roots of the lima bean bush as much as 200 to 225 cubic feet

Softcover. 165 pages. Metamorphic Press 2008.

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